Friday, September 4, 2009

What the F@#&?

So this morning, I stepped on the scale.

That statement may not seem much to you, but I'm not a frequent weigh-er. For one thing, its depressing and makes me feel less confident all day, and for another, I haven't gained any weight for the past year or so. Up two pounds, down two pounds etc.

So this morning, full of sheer morbid curiosity (and wondering if that damn pasta bowl completely screwed me over...) I stepped onto the scale.

Lo and Behold... I have lost 10 pounds since the last time my curiosity got ahold of me (which was almost two weeks ago, I was going clothing shopping and just had to kill my confidence before I went...)

10 pounds! Actually its 11, but I always hover between 363 and 365 so that 1-2 pounds is usually water. And guess what? 354.

I haven't weighed that in just under a year, when I was working to renovate a house and just worked my ass off. Literally.

I think it's probably the stress from what's going on in life. Money issues, friend issues. Etc. But also lately I've just been too lazy to eat. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. I just don't have the energy to go and make some big fattening dinner (like a butter and egg sandwich. Yeah, that used to be a favorite) so I eat a string-cheese and go to bed.

Hum. Well my clothes aren't fitting too differently, so Its just a small change (10/360 is not the same ratio as 10/180!!!) but still awesome for me.

Anyway I best get back to work. I work hard for that money.

Oh I'm wearing that awesome blue/black/white dress today from my last post. SMOKIN!



Nicole said...

KUDOS! That is awesome! =D

Vanessa said...

Congrats!! 10lbs is awesome. I have been using the daily plate thingy from and its sooo helpful in tracking my calories.. I had no idea how many I was eatting a day! I have lost 10lbs so far :D I hope you have a great weekend!

Becca said...

Maybe I need some stress so I'll stop eating. nothing else seems to make me stop!

Tales of a Plus Size Pregnancy said...

Great job! 10 lbs is a huge loss, no matter what size you are... You should be super proud.