Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Make-Up??

If you've read my first post, you know I'm a Fat Bridesmaid fan. Well her last post was a challenge to post a make-up free portrait. No Photoshop, no make-up. Heck I'm thinking no hairspray or crazy lighting either right? I mean, let's strip naked here and just lean into the fear!

So here is my response to her challenge:

This is me, fresh out of the shower. Freckles, zits and no eyebrows. Viola.

So for the rest of my post....

Today at work was the wellness program Lunch & Learn. They talked about nutrition. It was really interesting, they had a nutritionist come and talk about basic stuff. Not a lot that I didn't already know, but with my newfound outlook, I think I took it more seriously. I hope I did anyway.

I thought maybe I'd start buying fruit and bagging it in little baggies I can take to work easily. Then I can mix and match with veggies for all-day snacks. Because God knows what I eat at work is not often very good for me. Someone is always bringing in donuts, cake, bagels etc.

Anyway, they did a drawing at the end, and I won! I never win anything...

I got a prize bag with some healthy goodies in it. Fantastic! I can put it in my desk for when those donuts show up tomorrow. I just know they will....

Fatty Out!